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Puzzl makes freelance work smooth or helps you get started on your journey in becoming an Independent.

Who are independents?

Independents are people who work for themselves while they carve their own career paths. They might be considered freelancers, gig workers, creators, contractors, and so much more.

Source: Contra State of Independence 2021
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Puzzl is built by independents for independents

  • Puzzl dashboard

    Interactive Dashboard

    A quick view of your deal performance, financials, recent messages, and recently viewed documents. 

  • Puzzl deals

    Never lose a deal

    Manage deals and clients with a custom sales pipeline. Get a quick view of how deals are accumulating within each section and learn where to focus your time.

  • Puzzl messages

    More leads, less time

    A consolidated inbox for all major social channels. Get a quick view of client information and create less hassle.

  • Puzzl files

    Documents Simplified

    Generate invoices, quotes, contracts, and much more through our adobe powered document generator. Share documents 

  • Puzzl analytics

    Customer Insights

    With our shareable links, you can see who opens your document and how many times they have viewed it. Analyze client interests and keep them notified.

  • Coming soon illustration

    Coming soon 🔥

    Puzzl Payments, Customer Spaces, Project Management, Automations, Integrations, and more!

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